Searching For A “Warm” Hiking Destination This Winter? Head To Arizona!

The long winter months can get especially tedious and lengthy when you have nothing but days upon days of sitting in front of the fireplace on your couch to look forward to. And even more so when you’re habitual of going out on long hikes during the summer months!

But just because it’s now cold out and the trails in your region are closed off due to avalanche threat is no reason for you to stop doing what you love. If you’re looking to head to somewhere warmer for the winter months, Arizona may just be the place for you!

South Mountain, Phoenix

One of the largest municipal parks in America, South Mountain hosts a 14.3 mile long trail titled National Trail that is perfect for a hike, no matter what the season! With average highs of 50°F during the winter, the climate of Phoenix is sufficiently dry and cold to make for a great hike!

Camelback Mountain, Phoenix

A hike that’s more of a rock climbing adventure, a trip to Phoenix’s Camelback Mountain is not for the weak or beginning hiker! A 1.2 mile hike that involving climbing from one huge boulder to another, the adventure is sure to make you work up a sweat, even in low temperatures!

Sabino Canyon Recreation Area, Tucson

An excellent national park with some truly gorgeous sceneries, exquisite flora and fauna and exceptional hiking opportunities, Sabino Canyon Recreation Area in Tucson also offers open shuttle rides for passengers who’d prefer to take them. Hike your way down a 2.5 mile trail to reach the magnificent Seven Falls for the perfect wintertime getaway.

The Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

One of the most iconic locations in the world, the Grand Canyon National Park is home to most of the Grand Canyon and boasts some truly spectacular winter trails. While the North Rim is closed to visitors during the colder months, the South Rim is open and all yours to explore!

Make your way down to the Colorado River on the Bright Angel Trail which runs 9 miles each way. The upper few miles of the trail can be frozen with snow and ice during the winters so it might be a good idea to put on a few layers for this trip!

Thumb Butte, Prescott

 A 2-mile hike that takes you almost to the top of the mountain’s summit, the Thumb Butte hike has both a steep side and a less-steep one for all levels of hikers. The steeper side is also usually icy due to the small amount of sun it sees on a regular basis, making for a simultaneously thrilling yet dangerous adventure!

Take the Right Gear

Regardless of where you decide to go on your winter hiking trip to Arizona, you’re going to need a sturdy, lightweight and roomy backpack to store all your hiking necessities in. Aarn USA has just what you need!

With backpacks and daypacks specially designed to be lightweight, comfortable and built according to various body types and genders, Aarn USA offers high-quality products for all your hiking needs.

Can’t find what you need? Let their selection guide help!

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