Nature’s Therapy: Why hiking is therapy for the Mind, Body and Soul

We’re living in a chaotic world where our minds are constantly occupied with things that cause us to worry and think about all the wrong things.

Going on a hike offers us some silence, peace and a few moments to self-reflect and organize our thoughts.

Hiking is often thought of as nature’s therapy. If you’ve never been hiking before, here’s why it’s considered therapy for the mind, body and soul:

It Clears your Mind

There’s so much going on in our everyday life that clutters our mind and prevents us from thinking clearly. Hiking forces you to break away from your everyday routine – even if it’s just for a few hours. As you leave behind your home and work, you’ll feel your problems and everyday stress fade into the distance.

For the next few moments you don’t have to think about the upcoming meeting with your clients, paying bills or finding a new place to live. Whatever it is that’s causing you to stress, this is your chance to leave it behind and think clearly.

Hiking gifts us with clarity. Many hikers are inspired by nature as they walk through long trails away from the hustle bustle of the city. Use this time to soak in the nature and live in the present.

Makes you Happier

There is plenty of research that proves that the human body is happier in green spaces and nature.

When you’re hiking, not only does nature get to work its magic and boost your mood but you also benefit from the psychological benefits of exercise. Hiking engages your entire body and all that physical activity releases endorphins into your system. As a result, your mood enhances, you’re in better spirits and you feel happier.

It Elevates your Senses

Humans are equipped with powerful senses. You may be able to walk through the familiar city streets with music in your ear without paying much attention to your surroundings. But hiking in nature is different. No matter how many times you’ve gone hiking, you need to pay attention to what’s around you.

Hiking forces you to use all your senses to make sure you stay on trail, you’re not being stalked by some dangerous animal, keep a track of time, etc.

It’s an adventure

Sitting on your couch and binge-watching your favorite show cannot compare to the thrill of hiking.

It doesn’t matter how simple the terrain is, hiking will always feel like an adventure. It challenges you to get out of your safe space and immerse yourself in nature.

Each hike makes you stronger physically and mentally which is why you need to make it a regular activity.

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