Learn As You Walk: Life Changing Lessons Hiking Teaches You

Hiking on a rugged trail teaches you a lot more than just how to successfully accomplish the feat. It’s more about the journey and the struggle than the destination itself.

Once you summit the peaks you had always wanted to conquer, you’re not just left with a feeling of pride but also a few invaluable life lessons. Hiking not only helps you get your body back in shape but also instills rare qualities that would otherwise be impossible to learn.

Such journeys truly are memorable. They’re anything but a fleeting experience. The mountains surely give a lot more than memories of mesmerizing views to take back with you.

Here are a few life lessons that can be learnt while hiking.

Slowing Down Is Part Of The Process

We often hear people describing getting through life and achieving all material things as a rat race. The term—rat race— encompasses all aspects of futility, utility, insatiability and homogeneity. Running after your dream job which enslaves you from dawn till dusk and pays peanuts is one example.

To compensate for the lack of fulfillment in life, we increase our pace to make the most of what we have. A faster pace is considered equal to greater utility. Slowing down during the process is consequently a sign of failure.

But what hiking teaches you is that worldly life may be a race, but it’s a marathon rather than a sprint. Slowing down is part of the process and is crucial for reaching the end.  A fast pace may feel exhilarating in the moment, but the feeling is short-lived.

A slow and steady pace induces greater self-awareness and makes you acknowledge the little things like the pebbles under your feet, your breathing and marvels of nature. It teaches you that utility can’t be increased at a faster pace; the destination will be the same for everyone—now or later.

Perseverance Always Pays Back

Feeling frustrated when life doesn’t go as planned and resorting to tools of panic and anxiety is a common problem in cities.

Giving up is easy; getting through is the real deal. Taking a rejection in good spirit is hard when you’re surrounded by competitors vying for the same job. It’s more convenient to sit back home and sulk.

But this isn’t an option when you’re half way up a mountain and the only way back is to endure the process. The constant grilling, facing failures, and adversities teach you that the only way to survive is to put one foot ahead of another. Just focusing on the rhythm of moving feet and continuing the journey can take you places you never imagined yourself to be!

Solitude Can Be Inspirational

In the pursuit of things, accolades, degrees and money, people often lose themselves. Even after hoarding your favorite possessions, there’s a lack of fulfillment and insatiability of desires that bothers you. This may be primarily because of an identity crisis that causes you to feel disconnected from your inner person.

Hiking allows you to enjoy many moments of solitude during the journey. They may be voluntary or involuntary, but they always force you to shift gears and enter a different mode of thinking.

In the absence of technology, social media, communication with the world back home, you feel disconnected from your life but reconnected with your self. Such moments of being alone with your thoughts help you filter out all the negativities and sort out your priorities.

The importance of clarity in perspective is a lesson that no other experience can teach better.  

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