Backpacking On A Budget: Top Tips For Students Looking To Explore The Outdoors

Having the drive for adventures and the passion for travelling isn’t always supported with the availability of funds. Among other problems like getting a leave from work, saving money for a trip is a primary concern.

Even though there are thousands of tips available on the internet about how to travel on a budget: truth is, going on a vacation always exceeds your budget. While it’s harder to avoid unforeseen expenses like a medical emergency, it’s more manageable to stick to your budget when preparing for a trip.

While buying travel gear and other equipment for backpacking, the key is not to spend less but to spend smartly. Here are a few tips for backpacking on a budget.

Sleep Liner

Be it a camp site or a hotel, you may not be provided with clean sheets to sleep on for the night.

At campsites, there’s a lack of luxury resources and having clean sheets for everyone is a luxury! In order to make do with the sleeping bag you’re getting, carry clean silk or microfiber sheets from home to avoid spending on a new sleeping bag.


Campsites don’t have an electricity supply which means you’ll have to fend through the dark after nightfall using a torch. While having headlights specifically designed for camping trips make life easier, you can save a few extra dollars by looking for any torch lying around the house.

Chances are an old torch might not work because it ran out of battery. Instead of throwing the old torch away, buy new batteries to make it work. Purchasing additional sets of batteries is cheaper and better than buying a new headlight.

Dry Bag

Dry bags help with storing wet clothes like towels and swimwear, and can also be used for keeping gadgets safe during a downpour. Instead of buying a new waterproof bag just for the trip, you can look for alternatives in the house that might come in handy.

A loose polythene bag or a zip lock bag can be used instead. A zip lock bag can store items such as phones, chargers and cables in case it rains. A large polythene bag can also be used to keep wet clothes on the go.


Finally to store all this stuff, you’ll need a sturdy backpack that doesn’t weigh much and also stores all your essentials.

Compromising on the quality of your backpack is a bad idea. Instead of going for a cheaper option that may rip open halfway through your trip, invest wisely in a good quality backpack. Spending on a durable backpack is an investment since it can be reused for your next hiking trip!

Buy high-quality hiking gear for your upcoming trip

Aarn USA is a specialty store which offers hiking gear including comfortable backpacks, daypacks, hipbelts, balance pockets and much more. Pioneered by a New Zealand-based designer, the business has now extended operations to North America. They provide ultra light hiking gear for easier travel and ship these products through US postal service for FREE.

If you’re looking for high-quality, reliable hiking gear that will give you the right value for money, Aarn USA is your go-to option. Contact them to place an order now!

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