The Benefits Of Hiking Alone

Travelling is a hobby that millions enjoy. But each individual assigns a different value to it. Going places, exploring new landscapes and traversing a completely new terrain are experiences that are invaluable and personal.

It’s unjustified to say that only people going in groups enjoy the adventure of hiking. True, some may want to go for the thrill of bonding with a group and having fun collectively. But others may just want to set out on a hiking trip as a retreat that helps with their personal wellbeing.

Here are a few benefits that make hiking alone an appealing opportunity.

Solitude and Self-Reflection

The opportunity to hike alone allows you time for self-reflection. Coming face to face with landscapes leaves you awestruck by the sheer magnitude of their expanse. It’s in that moment that man and nature find themselves alone in the company of nothing but each other.

The grandeur of the landscape instills elements of humility in the observer who has no choice but to humbly accept their insignificance in front of the vast expanse of land.

Such reflections on the relationship a hiker shares with their surroundings would be difficult to achieve with a group of people.

Independence and Survival

Knowing that you’ll be travelling with a group of hikers who’ll follow the same trail as yourself automatically inculcates a sense of dependence. There’s a certain degree of relaxation and comfort in knowing that you won’t be out there on your own.

If you want to learn a few lessons of grit and resilience, going solo would be a better option.

Stepping into the game with full knowledge of your independence mentally prepares you for dealing with the challenges ahead.

Individual Success

Summiting a peak or reaching your desired destination may not feel like an exclusively individual effort when done with a group. Whereas accomplishing a goal such as this on your own is a much bigger achievement than that. The difference is the same as a team winning a trophy for a football match or a gymnast winning the Olympics.

Traversing an unexplored terrain on your own, living in adverse conditions, fighting whatever challenges come your way single-handedly, and reaching the farthest point is an incomparable success. The credit then is exclusively attributed to you and not shared or divided among members of a group.

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