Long-Distance Hiking Trails To Escape Civilization

Sometimes the daily grind can get to you. From work to home and home to work, it can leave you feeling drained.

If you’re looking to get in touch with your inner self and cut ties with the outside world, long-distance hiking’s the perfect escape. It’ll not only help you feel refreshed, but will also let you come back rejuvenated.

Planning your next long-distance hiking trip? Here’s where you can go.

1.  Long Trail, Vermont

Interested in trekking uphill while taking in history? The Long Trail is one of the oldest long-hike trails in the US.

Covering an impressive area of 445 miles, this trail runs along the Massachusetts border all the way up to Canada. You get to take in the breathtaking views of green valleys and rugged mountainscapes as you trek along to the highest point.

If you want the best experience, pick a month from July through September. This way, you’ll be able to enjoy the green foliage and the pleasant weather without the fear of getting dehydrated.

2. Ice Age Trail, Wisconsin

The Ice Age Trail’s is a great option for your next long-distance hiking escape!

Spanning a length of more than 1000 miles, this trail path in Wisconsin is covered in natural landscape dating back to the Ice Age.  This means that you get immerse yourself in glacier remnants, green foliage, and a diverse landscape.

Here, you’ll not only get to hike, but will also have the chance to spot unique wildlife and birdlife. In short, the Ice Age Trail’s the perfect spot if you’re looking to lose yourself in the wilderness for weeks.

3. Appalachian Trail, Georgia-Maine

What’s a trip to a long-distance trail without visiting the Appalachian Trail? Completed in 1937 by two individuals, this well-trodden path’s one of the longest and most famous hiking paths in the country.

So much so that, every year, almost 2 million visitors come to this trail to partake in the scenic beauty of the landscape.

If you’re looking to truly get the taste of a diverse landscape with breathtaking viewpoints, then Appalachian’s the perfect spot! It will help you relax and get away from the chaos, by trekking through the adventure-filled paths and traversing the mountains.

But before you embark on this hiking adventure, make sure you’re not afraid of dizzying heights. This is because Katahdin’s one of the hardest mountains to trek.

How To Get Ready For Your Hiking Trip?

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To select a lightweight backpack for hiking, check out their collection online.

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