Ways to Keep Your Kids Motivated on a Hike

Congratulations! You’ve successfully managed to pull your kids away from their phones and convinced them to enjoy the great outdoors. Now that you’ve gotten them on the trail, you have the task of keeping them motivated so that they don’t slow you down and turn the trip into a disaster.

Here are some ways you can keep your kids motivated on the hike:

1. Pack Food

You may be able to hold back your hunger on the trails but your kids don’t have that sort of patience. The last thing you want to do is drag along a bunch of “hangry” kids. Do yourself a favor and pack healthy energy bars.

2. Bring Friends and Extended Family

To you, hiking may be a time to self-reflect, organize your thoughts and get some perspective on things going on in your life; for your kids, it’s just a really long walk. Unless you find a way to keep them entertained, they will get bored and they’ll make sure you know it!

Bring along friends and extended family to keep your kids entertained. If their minds are distracted, they won’t think about how long they’ve been walking for.

3. Dress them Properly

Ensuring your kids are comfortable on the trail is very important. Parents make the mistake of ignoring their kids’ clothing before they go hiking.

If you intend to be walking for more than 3–4 hours, don’t make them wear cotton t-shirts because they’ll absorb moisture.  Find clothing made out of lightweight, moisture-wicking fabrics. Protect them with plenty of sunscreen, hats and sunglasses.

4. Hike to Water Destination

If you’re going to make your kids walk for hours, the destination better be worth it! Hiking to a water destination that allows them to take a break and cool off is perfect!

Whether they’re watching the fish swim or diving into the creek, kids enjoy the water.

Look for a trail that has a lake, pond, ocean or even a waterfall as the destination. It will give your kids something to look forward to

5. Make them Comfortable

Carrying around a large backpack filled with stuff isn’t easy for adults; it’s even harder for kids. Don’t make the mistake of bringing their schoolbag around. Buy them proper backpacks that are made for hiking that will provide adequate back support.

Go to a specialty store that sells hiking gear and buy backpacks that fit your bodies.

Aarn USA is an online specialty store that sells a wide-range of award-winning lightweight backpacks that are designed for hiking and traveling. Its collection consists of spacious daypacks, StrongLites and UltraLites as well as other hiking accessories.

Check out its collection online and buy a backpack today!

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