Top Tips for Pacing Yourself On A Hike

New to hiking? If yes, then you need to learn a thing or two about pacing yourself. Pacing yourself on the trail is key to having a successful hike.

Rookies often make the mistake of pushing themselves in the very beginning, thinking that covering most ground when you first start off will set you up for the hike. There’s one big problem with going too fast at the beginning of your hike – you burn out! Burning out so early on in the trip will slow you down sufficiently.

Remember, it’s not only about getting to your destination; you’re going to need to preserve energy to walk back to base camp as well!

Check out these tips on pacing yourself on a hike:

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Minimize Muscle Fatigue On Your Hike With These Tips

When you start off a hike, you don’t intend for it to be cut short, but when your muscles won’t let you move another step forward you have to turn back.

Muscle fatigue is amongst the leading causes for hiking trips to be cut short. No matter how captivating the landscape may be on the trail, if your muscles are getting sore, you’re going to have to cut the hiking trip short!

Don’t want to risk cutting your trip short due to muscle fatigue? Follow these useful tips:

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Ways to Keep Your Kids Motivated on a Hike

Congratulations! You’ve successfully managed to pull your kids away from their phones and convinced them to enjoy the great outdoors. Now that you’ve gotten them on the trail, you have the task of keeping them motivated so that they don’t slow you down and turn the trip into a disaster.

Here are some ways you can keep your kids motivated on the hike:

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3 Problems Hikers Can Face On The Trail And How To Avoid Them

As a hiker, you probably love the adrenaline rush that comes with traversing difficult terrain. You probably love the smell of unadulterated wind as you stand atop the final viewpoint, overlooking the valley.

But, hiking’s no easy journey! As a hiker, you have to bear the uncomfortable experiences that come with hiking. From blistered feet to nausea, hiking can take a toll on you.

Looking to enjoy your epic hiking trip to its fullest? Here are the three problems you can run into and how to avoid them:

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Mind Over Matter: Coping With The Challenges On A Long-Distance Hike

Hiking can be fun. But it can also be challenging. It can take you to new places and make you learn new things about yourself each day.

But going on a long-distance hike’s not the same as going up a short mountain trail. Though fun-filled and adrenaline rush inducing, long-distance hikes can very quickly leave you feeling emotionally and mentally drained.

To fully enjoy your next long-distance hike, here’s how you can prepare yourself to cope better.

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Long-Distance Hiking Trails To Escape Civilization

Sometimes the daily grind can get to you. From work to home and home to work, it can leave you feeling drained.

If you’re looking to get in touch with your inner self and cut ties with the outside world, long-distance hiking’s the perfect escape. It’ll not only help you feel refreshed, but will also let you come back rejuvenated.

Planning your next long-distance hiking trip? Here’s where you can go.

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The Benefits Of Hiking Alone

Travelling is a hobby that millions enjoy. But each individual assigns a different value to it. Going places, exploring new landscapes and traversing a completely new terrain are experiences that are invaluable and personal.

It’s unjustified to say that only people going in groups enjoy the adventure of hiking. True, some may want to go for the thrill of bonding with a group and having fun collectively. But others may just want to set out on a hiking trip as a retreat that helps with their personal wellbeing.

Here are a few benefits that make hiking alone an appealing opportunity.

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Best Countries To Hike In Europe

Many people assume Europe is all about historic places and the urban charm. However, little is known about the natural treasures hiding in this continent. The abundance of hiking trails in Europe makes it one of the top places for sightseeing and vacationing.

This place holds some of the world’s most exotic snow-capped peaks, mountain ranges, glaciers and meadows that can’t be found anywhere else. Hidden between high peaks and canopied under glaciers are hot springs that are inviting people for a retreat.

Here is a list of hiking trails found in the heart of Europe.

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Backpacking On A Budget: Top Tips For Students Looking To Explore The Outdoors

Having the drive for adventures and the passion for travelling isn’t always supported with the availability of funds. Among other problems like getting a leave from work, saving money for a trip is a primary concern.

Even though there are thousands of tips available on the internet about how to travel on a budget: truth is, going on a vacation always exceeds your budget. While it’s harder to avoid unforeseen expenses like a medical emergency, it’s more manageable to stick to your budget when preparing for a trip.

While buying travel gear and other equipment for backpacking, the key is not to spend less but to spend smartly. Here are a few tips for backpacking on a budget.

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